Destination Guide : Bangladesh : Rajshahi

About Biman Rajshahi nicknamed Silk City is a metropolitan city in Bangladesh and a major urban, commercial and educational centre of North Bengal. It is the administrative seat of Rajshahi Division & Rajshahi District. Located on the north bank of the Padma River, near the Bangladesh-India border; the city has a population of over 763,952 residents. The city is surrounded by satellite towns like Katakhali & Nowhata,which together build the urban metro area of about 1 million population.

Modern Rajshahi lies in the ancient region of Pundravardhana. The foundation of the city dates to 1634, according to epigraphic records at the mausoleum of Sufi saint Hazrat Shah Makhdum. The area hosted a Dutch settlement in the 18th century. The Rajshahi municipality was constituted during the British Raj in 1876. It was a divisional capital of the Bengal Presidency.

Rajshahi is an important administrative, educational, cultural & business centre in Bangladesh today. It is a historic center of silk production. The city is home to the Varendra Research Museum. The University of Rajshahi is the second oldest and one of the largest public universities in the country. The Rajshahi Agricultural Development Bank is based in the city. The city is served by the Shah Makhdum Airport.


A central park 'Shahid Qumruzzaman central park' and zoo is one of the main attractions of Rajshahi city. A wide area with lush green trees and grasses also houses different animal species. It is located by the bank of river Padma. There are other parks in the city such as Bhubon Mohon park, Captain Monsur Ali park etc. There is a park specially designed for the children's amusement called 'Shahid Zia children's park'. Bank of the Padma river along the city is also very popular destination for recreation too. The bank is planned zone in many parts of the city to accommodate city dwellers for recreation purposes. As example Munsguard park near magnificent old Dutch borokuthi building and Lalonshah park near shahmukhdum eidgah are recently build to give city people a nice place to enjoy the magnificent views of padma river.