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Restricted and prohibited items.

Due to international regulations, and to ensure the safety of our passengers, there are a number of restrictions on items that can be carried in your cabin baggage. Items that may cause injury or represent any other security or safety threat can only be carried as checked baggage, and are not allowed in cabin baggage. These items should be appropriately packed for carriage as checked baggage, in accordance with IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations and relevant Biman regulations.


In Cabin Baggage

Following items are restricted to carry in cabin baggage:

·         Liquids, creams, gels, pastes and aerosols over 100ml.

·         Real or toy weapons

·         Arms and ammunition

·         Explosives or anything containing explosives (for example, fireworks or fire crackers)

·         Knives of any kind, type, shape or size

·         Letter openers

·         Metal cutlery

·         Slingshots

·         Razor blades and straight razor blades

·         Tradesmen's tools

·         Darts

·         Scissors

·         Nail files

·         Hypodermic needles and syringes (unless required for medical reasons and accompanied by a medical certificate confirming the medical condition necessitating carriage)

·         Knitting needles

·         Corkscrews

·         Laser pointers

·         Lighters