Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. How can I become a member of Biman Loyalty Club
  • A. You can enroll online now by clicking here
  • Q. Who can join Biman Loyalty Club
  • A. Any person the age of 2 years or older can join Biman Loyalty Club
  • Q. What are the benefits of joining Biman Loyalty Club?
  • A. Biman Loyalty Club members earn miles that can be spent on flights and flight upgrade. Biman Loyalty Club has 3 membership tiers: you start as a Green Member, the more you fly with Biman Bangladesh Airlines the higher your membership tier becomes. Each membership tier is packed with benefits and privileges. Silver and Gold tiers bring more exclusive benefits such as free lounge access, extra baggage allowance, priority check-in and more. Please visit the website, log-in your account and see the Benefits, Rules and Terms & Conditions of Biman Loyalty Club.
  • Q. When will I get my Green Card?
  • A. You will receive your Green card after availing 4 one way domestic flights or 2 round trip domestic flights or 2 one way international flights or 1 international round trip flight. Your card will be delivered by Courier/DHL at your mailing address. This is also subject to verification of your postal mailing address when asked by us to do so. Biman Loyalty Club will not deliver any welcome kit (including your plastic card) at your residential address by DHL (outside Bangladesh) or postal services (within Bangladesh) unless the address is verified by you. Card print and delivery takes around 8 weeks after address verification.
  • Q. What do I do if my Biman Loyalty card is lost or stolen?
  • A. Please inform the Biman Loyalty Club Head office at the earliest if you have lost your card. The loss of this card will not result in the loss of your miles. The Service team will request a new card for you and it will be sent to you directly which will take around 8 week time. Green Card and Silver holders will be charged USD 20 or 5000 Miles and Gold members will be mailed replacement cards free of charge.
  • Q. Is a family account permitted?
  • A. No, enrolment can only be done on an individual basis. Each member must have a unique e-mail address for enrollment. One e-mail address can only be used for opening of just one account. If you want to open two separate accounts in that case you need two separate e-mail addresses.
  • Q. Will I earn miles for my past flights with Biman Bangladesh Airlines prior to the date of joining the program?
  • A. Yes, you can earn miles for Biman Operated flights taken up to 90 days before your date of joining in Biman Loyalty Club. Please read the Terms & Conditions mentioned in our website.
  • Q. How can I earn miles?
  • A. Currently miles can only be earned on flights travelled. You must insert your Frequent Flyer Membership Number in your reservation to get your miles credited into your Membership Account. Please tell your Travel Agent or request Airline Reservation Staff to insert the FFP membership number. Your miles will be credited to your FFP account after departure of the each flight sector.
  • Q. How long does it take for miles to be credited to my account?
  • A. It takes up to maximum 07 days to get credited to your account provided that your FFP Membership number is correctly inserted into the booking/reservation.
  • Q. How can I make sure I get all my miles rewarded?
  • A. Just quote your Biman Loyalty club number every time you make a booking or check-in for a flight. Confirm that the name on your reservation matches the name mentioned on your Biman Loyalty card. This will insure that miles are credited to your account promptly and accurately.
  • Q. How do I move up the tier status to Silver and Gold?
  • A. To reach silver status you require 50000 Miles
  • A. To reach Gold status you require 75000 miles
  • Q. What are the benefits for children age 2-11
  • A. Children age 2-11 are eligible to Earn and Redeem 75% of the listed miles.
  • Q. How can I request a flight reward for free Ticket against my miles?
  • A. You can issue a Reward Ticket online against you miles from your membership Account. Please Log-in your Account and click Redeem Miles menu bar and complete the whole processes until you get a ticket. The base fare is free but you have to pay all applicable Govt. Taxes and Surcharges through a credit/debit card which is enabled for online payment, otherwise system will not issue Ticket online. For other Reward Benefits, you must request our Loyalty Club Process Center at [email protected]
  • Q. Can I redeem miles for a One-Way trip?
  • A. Yes, you can redeem miles for a one-way trip
  • Q. Are flight rewards inclusive of taxes?
  • A. No. flight Rewards are not inclusive of tax, fees and surcharges. You will have to pay them at the time of issuing the ticket
  • Q. Can i make changes to my reward request?
  • A. Changes are permitted under certain conditions. Please see Clause-8.34 of the Terms & Conditions mentioned in our website at After deadline – No changes are permitted. Only the unused taxes will be refunded.
  • Q. Can I use my Biman Loyalty club miles to book a reward flight for family and friends?
  • A. Yes, you can redeem flight rewards for anyone you wish
  • Q. When should I claim my missing miles?
  • A. When you see miles are not credited into your membership account after travel in that case you must claim your missing miles within 90 days from the date of travel.
  • Q. How can I claim my missing miles?
  • A. Please log-in your account and go through the Link “Claim Missing Miles” and fill the required information and send to us. You may also send request to us at [email protected] for missing miles mentioning a) Scan copy of your passport & Boarding Pass and b) Ticket number. All requests must reach us within 90 days from your date of travel.
  • Q. When my Tier Status from Green to Silver or Silver to Gold will be changed?
  • A. When you reach 50,000 miles in your account then you will achieve Silver Status, and when you reach 75,000 miles then you will achieve Gold Status.
  • Q. I have reached 50,000 miles and still it is showing Green Status in my account. Why not my Tier Status is changed?
  • A. Change of Tier Status is processed automatically on a nightly basis. The required miles earned for tier status must be earned within the designated date range limits. In order to achieve Silver tier you must earn 50,000 miles on flights operated by BIMAN BANGLADESH AIRLINES LTD in one year.
  • Q. I have reached 75,000 miles and still it is showing Silver Status in my account. Why not my Tier Status is changed?
  • A. Change of Tier Status is processed automatically on a nightly basis. The required miles earned for tier status must be earned within the designated date range limits. In order to achieve Gold tier you must earn 75,000 miles on flights operated by BIMAN BANGLADESH AIRLINES LTD in one year.

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