Changes in flight schedule due to cyclone ‘SITRANG’

24 October 2022

Biman Bangladesh Airlines

Balaka,Kurmitola, Dhaka-1229.


Dear Concern,

According to reports by the Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh (CAAB) and subsequent NOTAM reference:  NOF.BULL.NO.1321/22,  CGP, CXB and BZL Airport will be closed and banned for all flight operations till 0600UTC on 25-Oct'22  due to potential Cyclone-Storm  "SITRANG" which is likely to hit some parts of south coast of Bangladesh. 


Due to the closure of CGP, CXB and BZL airports following changes has made in the flight schedule.


01. BG435/436 DAC-CXB-DAC on 24 Oct'22 declared cancel repeat cancel.


02. BG615/616 DAC-CGP-DAC on 24 Oct'22 declared cancel repeat cancel.


03. BG617/618 DAC-CGP-DAC on 24 Oct'22 declared cancel repeat cancel.


04. BG611/612 DAC-CGP-DAC on 25 Oct'22 declared cancel repeat cancel.


05. BG433/434 DAC-CXB-DAC on 25 Oct'22 declared cancel repeat cancel.



06 . BG151/152 DAC-CGP-SHJ-CGP-DAC on 24 Oct'22 will operate on DAC-SHJ-DAC route instead of DAC-CGP-SHJ-CGP-DAC

        Timings as under : 


       BG151/152 DAC-SHJ-DAC on 24 Oct'22 DEP DAC 1645 SHJ 2200/2330 DAC  0430( Next Day)

       Type Of Aircraft : B737-800.



07. BG127/328 DAC-CGP-AUH-DAC  on 24 Oct'22 will operate on route DAC-AUH-DAC instead of  DAC-CGP-AUH-DAC ,

       Timings as under :


       BG127/328 DAC-AUH-DAC  on 24 Oct'22 DEP DAC 1615 ARR AUH 2130/2310 DAC 0410( Next day).

       Type Of Aircraft : B787-8.



08. BG347/148 DAC-DXB-CGP-DAC on 24 Oct'22 will operate on route DAC-DXB-DAC instead of  DAC-DXB-CGP-DAC ,

       Timings as under :


       BG347/148 DAC-DXB-DAC on 24 Oct'22 DEP DAC  1315 DXB 1815/2005 DAC 0050(Next Day) 

       Type Of Aircraft : B777-300ER



09. BG721/122 DAC-MCT-CGP-DAC on 24 Oct'22 will operate on route DAC-MCT-DAC instead of  DAC-MCT-CGP-DAC ,

       Timings as under :


       BG721/122 DAC-MCT-DAC on 24 Oct'22 DEP DAC  1615 MCT 2045/2230 DAC 0245(Next Day) 

       Type Of Aircraft : B777-300ER



 All Times above are in UTC


 Biman Call Centre: +8801990997997