Travel Advisory for Entering Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


The operational and procedures for institutional quarantine for passengers traveling to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


As per GACA circular dated 10 May 2021, The Government of KSA requires institutional quarantine for those who intend to travel to the KSA from non- restricted countries and should have medical insurance that covers the risk of covid-19 infections. The new travel advisory is mentioned below: 

1.            All travelers must obtain a medical insurance to cover their treatment of Covid-19. The insurance should cover the cost of treatment in outpatient clinic, emergencies and hospitals including institutional quarantine for a period of up to 14 days (this excludes citizens, residents and GCC citizens).   

2.             Saudi citizen and their accompanies are exempted from institutional quarantine if they have fully vaccinated or passed 14 days after taking 1st dose or recovered from Covid-19 with-in 06 months . Otherwise they have to complete 07 days home quarantine.

3.              The exemption also applies on passengers who has passed 14 days after receiving covid-19 vaccines of the following types:

                                      A.              Two doses of the Pfizer biontech vaccine

B.              Two doses of the Oxford-Astrazeneca vaccine

C.              Two doses of Moderna vaccine

D.           One dose of Johnson vaccine and possess a vaccination certificate. The vaccination certificate must be certified by the health authorities from the country of vaccination. 

4.           Non-immune/non-exempted Saudi citizen and their accompanying domestic workers, diplomats and their residing families shall complete 07 days home quarantine and will undergo a Covid-19 test at sixth day of their home quarantine.

5.                  All travelers arriving in the KSA shall be undergone 07 days institutional quarantine (except those who are exempted mentioned above) at own expenses and shall complete a PCR test at day 1 and day 7. Children under the age of eight are exempted from PCR test.

6.                 The reservation of the institutional quarantine shall be through the Airlines.

7.               Airlines should contract institutional quarantine establishments that are listed by M/O Tourism and shall inform GACA and M/O tourism about the contracted quarantine institutions.

8.              Airlines shall contracted medical care centers to perform two PCR test at day 1 and day 7 of all travelers at institutional quarantine facilities and facilitate the transportation of all travelers.

9.               These procedures shall enter into force on 20 May 2021.

10.           Violators shall be deported from the KSA and banned from entering indefinitely into the KSA.

11.         The list of the institutional quarantine facilities in Saudi Arabia are given below link :

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